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The catering business is one of the most profitable home businesses with high potential for expansion and growth. This is very good financially and fun. Each service event – whether it’s a birthday party, dinner, or wedding reception – provides new experiences and challenges with a new group of people. The catering business requires extra stamina, the ability to work under pressure, and excellent interpersonal skills.
In addition, there are several steps taken to maintain customers in the surabaya catering business as follows:

1. Increase the Performance of Your Employees
As a company leader, it is mandatory for you to train all your staff to work professionally. Teach your employees to be friendly to customers. Customers who are happy with the service they get from staff will most likely make a faster purchasing decision.

2. Your Consumer Follow Up
You don’t ignore them after they make a purchase. Stay connected to your customers, for example by sending a thank you via email and asking them to give an assessment of your product or service.

3. Optimize the Quality of Your Product
You can save your customers if they are not satisfied with the quality of your product. This is why follow-up is very important, because this can help you find out how satisfied they are for your products. Don’t be disappointed if it turns out that consumers give a low value for the quality of your product, because you can still do many ways to improve it.

4. Hold a Positive Program
Encourage consumers to participate in a positive program. Consumers not only want to buy products, but they will be happy if they can be part of a community that cares about social or environmental issues. For example, you can sell your product while campaigning for the Go Green program by stopping the use of plastic and replacing it with reusable bag. You can also work with certain foundations and invite them to make donations.

5. Create a Consumer Loyalty Program
Loyalty programs have been widely used by various retail businesses in Indonesia. The aim of this program is to give gifts to those who have faithfully bought your products. You can offer them a membership card and give points every time they make a purchase. These points can later be exchanged for vouchers or discounts. You can also offer multi-level loyalty programs, for example those with VIP or gold status can get more discounts and faster access to special products.

6. Take advantage of Social Media
Your consumers may need certain moments to buy your product. You need to remind them to buy your product again. Besides via SMS and e-mail, you can also do customer retention by utilizing social media. Allow your customers to send their questions through social media. You can also load content about new products and various promotions there. Even more exciting, you can also hold a competition with attractive prizes that involve your consumers on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Your loyal consumers certainly don’t want to lose this golden opportunity.

7. Attractive offers
Attractive offers are also needed to maintain a loyal customer. Try to offer attractive or limited edition products to customers and then offer them to general consumers. Customers who get these attractive offers will feel more important so that they will also prioritize your company.

8. Mutual benefits
Making sales is not solely a profit for the company, but also must provide benefits to consumers who buy it. If both parties feel the benefits, the possibility of a consumer leaving your business is also less. Both buyers and sellers feel each other needs and will be loyal to each other.

9. Give a gift
A loyal customer of a company will have more loyalty to the company if they get a prize. If you want to have customers with that loyalty, then give a prize to the target you want to go. Giving gifts will not harm the company because customer satisfaction will be maintained and customers can increase.

10. Good attention
There are so many companies that only emphasize product offerings without regard to how customers want and need. If you want to get customer loyalty and satisfaction, you should also give good attention to all consumers. Ask them what products they need and want. Start with the question, you will get various important information to get consumers’ hearts. After that they will be easily influenced to use the products you sell.

Those are some ways to maintain customers such as Surabaya wedding organizer business also, if you do this method consistently so customers will remain loyal and consumers will increase.

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